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Web Design

The First Miracle Church The church of the first miracle.
Greenbook Financial Services A financial planning company for doctors.
Chickenpaste An exciting new product with many exciting new possibilities.
GRACE ACS Risk Model A Flash based application for calculating the risk of ACS in hospital patients. There is also a version made specifically for Pocket PC.
GRACE Interactive This site was a conversion from a CD-based Director presentation. It uses ColdFusion and lots of quicktime movies.
Silas and Shaina's Wedding A web site for the wedding of my brother's friend, Silas.
Wagner Roofing A roofing company in Washington, DC.
W. Millar & Co. Catering This design is no longer live, but thanks to the magic of the Wayback Machine you can still see how it once looked.
Unofficial GWU Crew Page Created for my college crew team, development ended when school did.
The Emperor's New Homepage When the emperor needed his homepage redesigned, he asked for only the finest design, the very latest technology, something befitting an emperor. So I created a masterpiece, the most magnificent spectacle to ever grace the internet. This extreme combination of high tech and high art, however, has been known in a few rare instances to overwhelm a small number of weak-minded indiviuals, appearing to them as a blank white page. I'm certain this won't apply to any of the fine intelligent folks visiting this site, however.


The Erging Bear Created with Claris Works, Adobe Photoshop, and Gif Builder.

Digital Media

Angry Dandelion Starts the Race Created with Corel Draw.
Blueness Created with Painter and Adobe Photoshop
Little Orphan Alligator Falls in Love Created with Adobe Illustrator.
Chickenmare Created with Painter.
Fire-Breathing Sea Cucumbers of Doom Created with Adobe Photoshop.
Eye Created with Adobe Photoshop.
Frog Death on Linoleum: Tragedy in Kool-Aid Created with Claris Works, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
Potomac Rower Created with Adobe Photoshop.
The Despotic Ultratoad Created with Adobe Illustrator.

Traditional Media

Lady and the Tree Serigraph (Silk Screen)
Solitude Serigraph (Silk Screen)
Salamander Dreams Charcoal, Sanguine, Estompe
Marshmallow Thoughts Charcoal, Sanguine, Estompe
Reclining Nude Charcoal, Sanguine, Estompe


New Zealand Photographs from my September-October 2002 travels in New Zealand.
US Travels Photographs from my April-December 2002 travels across the US.
Ireland Photographs from my May 2003 travels in Ireland.
Turkey Photographs from my May 2006 travels in Turkey.

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