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The Adventures of SpaceGoat and Friends Follow the continuing adventures of William Edward Goat as he struggles against the tyranny of domestication.
Like So Many Stupid Dinosaurs Will mankind share the fate of the dinosaurs? Find out as Adak Phaux unravels the mystery of mass extinction and the impending doom that faces humanity.
The Quest for Fire The exciting tale of the intrepid hero, Thag, and his quest to obtain fire.


The Role of Characters One of the most profoundly deep examinations of a play, ever.


Breakfast for One "A turtle in every pot!"
The Quest for Fire Part one of the epic poem based on the critically acclaimed short story.
Urrrghhh! A poem to the Concept II Rowing Ergometer, also known as the "Erg".
The Ballad of William Edward Goat From the Adventures of SpaceGoat and Friends.
Seaside Destruction Fond childhood memories.
Goat is Great The classic tale of the Three Billy Goats Gruff in poem format.
Raspberry Bushes Raspberries give me gas.
Shiny Thinking inside of the box.
Adak Phaux In his own words.
Sad Frozen Turnip Haiku about a turnip.
Rotten Banana Haiku about a banana.
Feathery Mess Tanka about a seagull
Monkey in a Tree Beware of monkey!
Baby Eater Mmmmmmmm... babies.

Song Parodies

Puddle Based on the Grateful Dead song, Ripple.
Coach Jimmy Based on the Grateful Dead song, Row Jimmy.
Sixteen Strokes Based on the Tennessee Ernie Ford classic, Sixteen Tons.
Standing on the Shore Based on the Grateful Dead song, Standing on the Moon.

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