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Baby Eater

That hideous, hideous, insidious fiend
with eyes like lamplights that flickered and gleamed,
black shiny boots and velvety threads
covering all but his multiple heads,
scampered away with a wriggling sack
smartly slung over his misshapen back.

Slinking away he moved through the night,
Swiftly and silently making his flight.
First looking this way, then looking that,
Stealing away with the stealth of a cat.

He trotted along through back streets and alleys,
Leaving the city through snow laden valleys,
Then made for the mountains, that ugly old gnome,
and up the rock face to the cave he called home.

Arriving at home he chortled with joy
as he reached in his sack and pulled out a boy.
"My favorite!" he cried, rubbing his tummy,
"Girls are delicious, but boys are more yummy!"
He reached in his sack and pulled out another.
"My, you're a fat one and so is your brother!",
he exclaimed as he pulled out its twin.
"Three's good for now. Let the eating begin!"

Copyright © 1997-2021 Brendan Andersen