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Breakfast for One

Breakfast for ten
served in a nest
eat it real quick
or face mother's wrath,
or come back tomorrow,
or in a month's time,
then maybe for dinner
you'll eat turtle stew,
or maybe you won't
eat them at all.
Maybe you'll keep them,
raise them as pets,
train them to fetch things
and run and play catch.
Or maybe instead
you'll start a new farm.
A farm full of turtles,
a food for the masses,
"a turtle in every pot"
will be your slogan.
Fresh turtle stew
every night of the week,
make shells into hats
and skin into sheets.
Such a great idea
but that's all it can be.
No investors will help.
They don't like turtles.
But so much for them.
All the better for you.
Wait for a month,
then eat turtle stew
But you want turtle now
and your stomach is growling,
but that isn't your stomach
and turtles these aren't.
Mother is back
and her wrath is back too.
Now it's breakfast for one
and breakfast is you.

Copyright © 1997-2021 Brendan Andersen