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Goat is Great

A beautiful pasture
next to a stream,
it's all a goat needs
besides his head.
Eating the grasses,
frollicking, playing,
three brothers live
loving their lives.
But a bridge crosses over,
over the stream
to a pasture that looks
a bit greener to them.

The youngest one thinks
he'll take a walk over
to see how it is
over the bridge.
But as he walks over
that bridge has an owner,
an owner that likes goats
but only to eat.
This owner the troll,
he tells him to stop.
"I'll gobble you up!
Your flesh is the toll!"

But this goat isn't dumb,
not stupid at all.
He's quick on his feet.
He uses his head.
"My brother's much bigger,
he's not far behind.
Eat him and let me
pass over your bridge."
So the troll let him
pass over the bridge.

Not too much later,
along comes his brother,
the middle of three,
clearly much bigger
than the brother that crossed
over the bridge.
As he walks over,
out jumps the troll.
"I'll make you my meal!
Your flesh is the toll!"

But this goat's not a sheep,
he's smart as can be.
His wits are about him.
He uses his head.
"Wait for a while,
big brother's behind me.
Eat him and let me
pass over your bridge."
So the middle goat made it
over the bridge.

Bigger than either
brother before him
the eldest goat comes
to cross over the bridge.
The troll's mouth waters
as he sees the size
of his meal walking over,
over the bridge.
Out hops the troll.
He drools with delight.
"I'll eat you right now!
Your flesh is the toll!"
But this goat's not his brothers.
He's seen trolls before.
His horns are big.
He uses his head.
Running and ramming,
big brother butts him,
knocking him over,
over the bridge.

Joining his brothers
the eldest goat crosses,
making it to
the other side of the bridge
where the pastures are greener,
the sunlight is brighter,
where happily
all three billy goats live.

Copyright © 1997-2021 Brendan Andersen