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Monkey in a Tree

"Why is a monkey in that tree?"

"Why he's there for you and me,
for us to watch, to watch and see,
to make us smile and bring us glee.
Now you just sit and let him be."

"But I can't sit. I have to pee.
I think I'll go behind the tree."

"I wouldn't pee behind that tree.
I see a sign, a high decree.
It says you aren't allowed to pee,
at least not behind that tree."

"I don't believe it means for me
not to pee behind the tree.
Besides there's no one here to see,
Just the monkey, you, and me."

"If you must, then you must pee,
but if you're caught then don't blame me.
I told you not to use that tree."

"Yes I must. I need to pee.
So now I'll go behind the tree."

"All alone, in peace and free,
what a lovely day to see
a monkey playing in a tree,
a monkey playing happily.
But you've returned now from your pee.
You've returned unhappily,
soaking wet and watery.
You look so glum, what could it be?"

"The sign was right, that high decree,
You shouldn't pee behind the tree.
You won't be stopped or charged a fee,
no one will care or run and flee,
But if you do, you'll soon agree,
monkeys do what monkeys see."

Then they heard up in the tree:
"I ain't no monkey, I'm a chimpanzee!"

Copyright © 1997-2021 Brendan Andersen