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I saw a shiny in the grass.
Another time
I'd 'ave walked right past.
But this was different,
strange and new.
I had to get a closer view.
Stepping nearer, I quickly found
the shiny wasn't quite as round
as the others one so often finds.

Grasping firmly with two fingers
I tried to pull,
it staunchly lingered.
Refusing to budge
with only two
I employed my other digits too.
First three, then four , then five, then ten,
the shiny stayed right where it'd been,
not phased one bit by the likes of me.

Not phased one bit by the likes of it,
I rolled up my sleeves,
and I started to spit
as I pulled and I yanked
it remained unmoved.
No matter how I tried, it proved
to be immune to my techniques and style
happily fixed all the while
right where it was in the grass.

Slightly unnerved by this insolent shiny,
me so big
and it so tiny,
I couldn't just let it be.
How dare that shiny not give in.
It's surely a fool to think it could win.
Yet there it sits, static as ever.
Oh it must think how it's so clever.
We shall see who's smarter.

I always was a clever fox.
I got some lumber,
built a box
right around that shiny.
Without any windows and barely a door.
Now that shiny can't get sunlight no more,
unless I allow it by opening the portal.
That shiny's been bested by me, a mere mortal.
A shiny doesn't shine inside a box.

Copyright © 1997-2021 Brendan Andersen